четверг, 25 октября 2018 г.

MiniBoss Business Tour to France: Еxcursion to Citroën

Students of MiniBoss Business School at the factory Citroën.

Citroën is a French automobile manufacturer, part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group since 1976, founded in 1919 by French industrialist Andrе-Gustave Citroën.

In 1954 they had produced the world's first hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system then, in 1955, the revolutionary DS, the first mass production car with modern disc brakes and, in 1967, they introduced in several of their models swiveling headlights that allowed for greater visibility on winding roads; these automobiles have received various international and national level awards, including three European Car of the Year.

MiniBoss Business Tour is part of a holistic child development program. Traveling helps children see the world, learn how global companies work, learn the culture and history of different countries.

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