вторник, 2 октября 2018 г.

MINIBOSS in Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Do you know where the unofficial oil capital of Kazakhstan is?
Now we know!
MINIBOSS is now in Atyrau, Kazakhstan!
A year ago, with Nurzhan Altaev, we planned to open MINIBOSS in Kazakhstan, and our dreams come true! There are already a number of business schools and this innovative educational system will develop rapidly in the country, providing Kazakh children with a great chance for rapid growth!

Congratulations to our new franchisees Liliana Khegay and Ilya Kim, teachers and most importantly - CHILDREN who get a chance for a new quality education and, accordingly, life!

Let the training be fun and easy, and the results weighty!

We wish success to the Business School in Atyrau and look forward to the next MINIBOSS Business Tour and Business Fest!

MiniBoss Business School International

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