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FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY - IN RELIABLE HANDS! How the Forum of Promoters 2019 in Kyiv was held

Modern children are amazing, impressive with their level of intelligence, openness and awareness. Recently in Kiev, the MiniBoss 2019 Start-up Forum MiniBoss Kyiv 1 Business School was held.

The international educational network of business schools for children and adolescents MINIBOSS Business School is actively developing in Kyiv and for the past three years running the Forum of Startups. How is everything going on?

Students of the MiniBoss School study the basics of economics and entrepreneurship throughout the academic year. Then prepare their projects, calculate the cost price, costs, income. Each team has a financial director, creative director, a partnership specialist, and so on.

Their ideas are well thought out and decorated, they represent the members of the jury - the Business Council MiniBoss.

It is important that this is not a competition, there are no winners and and who was defeated. Forum participants have a clear goal - to receive grant assistance from the Business Council and useful advice or recommendations.

This year, on the Forum was presented 22 teams. Projects are very different in terms of content and cost of implementation. Each student of MiniBoss stubbornly defended his idea.

It is worth noting that the second name of the event - the Forum of socially responsible business - is not accidental. Projects were presented with the main purpose of not making money.

Well what business ideas can be for a child, - you will say. And we will answer: creating a motivational game for boys to become better and hardened every day; development of an online resource for children to exchange toys; sweets in the form of pills with appropriate names to improve the mood of those who are sick and tired of drinking usual medicines; creating ecological notebooks; tailoring of beautiful handbags; A new version of the game "Cross-thumb" and more. Mini Boss students have such knowledge that an adult entrepreneur could learn.

Members of the Council of Businessmen rather carefully, but fairly judged. Each team received the amount of grants requested. And even more - scooters for each team member, games, partners support. Some jury members - company executives - are already ready to enter into agreements with certain teams for cooperation.

It was here that a business was born! And of course the Forum is also a bright holiday. So at the end of the Forum, the children's teams were able to sing songs with their favorite singer.

MiniBoss Business School International

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