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Startup Ideas: MiniBoss Junior League

Excitement, surprise, delight ... - parents of mini-bosses who came to the Startup Forum tell about such emotions. They shoot the performance of their children on smartphones, in a whisper suggest the words of the presentation, loudest applaud. Their children today represent startups for a large audience of potential investors.

“We were preparing for this day,” says one of the excited mothers: “It seems to me that I was even more worried than my son. I was surprised when he said that he would do everything on his own with the guys. Their team really worked a lot on their project. ”

This year, the MiniBoss Junior League students presented 12 projects at the Startup Forum.

The ideas of startups were evaluated by entrepreneurs of the EABD Business Council. The best projects received grants and partnership offers.

“For me this is an important event. I see how children from an early age can generate ideas and present them. Personally, I supported several teams, ”says one of the jury members.

There are entrepreneurs who every year finance the projects of MiniBoss students:

“It is interesting to observe from year to year how children grow up, how their ideas change,” one of the respected businessmen of the city shares his impressions: “I see how their entrepreneurial thinking develops, as they grow up, they think about global things, raise important social problems and offer to solve them. It is interesting to see new babies come along. How convincing they are in their presentations, despite the excitement! How they believe in their project and are ready to defend it by answering our questions.”
Startup Ideas:

Mood calendar «Family mood tracker» (Project Type: SIFE)

Have you thought that when children grow up, they less and less begin to communicate with the family and their loved ones and more and more time sit in the gadgets? The Sunshine team, in their 6-7 years, came up with an excellent way out and developed the calendar "Family mood tracker".

The idea is to create an original calendar in which at the end of the day, parents and children can mark how their day passed. In the calendar it is necessary to fill the cells with different colors in accordance with the mood that each family member had during the day. First of all, the team wanted the family to have a tradition to discuss their feelings every evening and spend more time together.

The guys are already thinking about creating a second design of the calendar, as well as considering the possibility of cooperation with various bookstores.

Rainbow: polymer clay earrings (Project Type: SIFE)

Ask how the idea for the Rainbow team was born. It's simple: you have to be as resourceful and want to be fashionable and stylish at 6 years old.

A team of 4 girls and 1 boy created from ordinary polymer clay extraordinary products with an interesting design.

After speaking at the start-ups forum, the team earned a grant that it spends on the development of its project.

«Pro-Kids»: a game for learning English (Project Type: SIFE)

The "PRO Children" team has united such young participants: Daniil Apostol, Alexandra Slobodyanyuk and Mikhail Bagnyuk. The guys are sure: you can learn and have fun! They produce a board game for learning English.

“Playing in Happy English - the child will use almost all of the senses, which will help speed up the process of memorizing English,” ideological inspirer of the team Alexander Slobodyanyuk told the audience.

In addition, the innovative approach that the children used in developing the game will give children the opportunity to both learn individual words and form correct sentences.

An interesting project, and most importantly, useful and very informative!

«Super Idea»: board game «Walk around Odessa» (Project Type: SIFE)

One of the favorites of the Startup Forum Jury was the project "Walk around Odessa", presented by the team "SuperIDEA" (Alex Vardumyan, Mila Adamyan and Evelyn Lushpenko). The guys decided to create a board game that will help to have fun and explore the history of Odessa.

The goal of this project is to expand the horizons of young Odessa citizens and their parents and to make an unusual souvenir for guests of the city.

"We believe that as many people as possible around the world should know about the existence of our Odessa!" - said on the performance of the captain of the team. And it really is a wonderful goal!

Students from the «Decoration candles» team make decorative scented candles.

«Slime Box For You»: Making Slides (Project Type: SIFE)

One of the most popular children's toys was the slime. This is not just an ordinary slime, but the whole art. Girls and boys from the Slime Box For You team know about slimes, if not all, then sooo much.

There are dozens of varieties of these toys and each has its own characteristics. Creating slimes copyright recipes, as well as the sale of gift boxes with detailed instructions for making slimes at home - is the goal of this project.

«Goods from children» (Project Type: SIFE)

Now the increasing popularity of acquiring goods through the Internet.

Goods from children is a project to create an online store for the sale of products created by both adults and children. In addition, we provide website building services.

The aim of the project is a fruitful acquaintance of buyers and sellers)

«Friends of Mendeleev» board game (Project Type: SIFE)

In 2019, the periodic table is 150 years old. This year, the United Nations declared the International Year of the Periodic Table of Mendeleev. Team «Friends of Mendeleev» supports the global initiative, and is working to create a board game that will help you to have fun and easily get acquainted with all the elements of the table.

To think that the periodic table is found only in chemistry textbooks is a big mistake. There are 114 elements in the table, most of which surround us - in nature, products, production, on the street, etc. Our game will help to know the world better!


A team consisting of two charming ladies, Lisa Kukhar and Kira Melnichuk, «HAPPY ANIMALS» presented to the jury a social project. The girls decided to help homeless animals find as many loving owners as possible.

The silver world champions were not afraid to declare that money was not the main thing for them this year. They are ready to give a part of the profits from their last year’s project for the purchase of food and medicine for the city’s shelters.

During the discussion of the ways to implement the project, they had the following idea: the girls will post on social networks a photo of an animal from a shelter with a description of the desired owner created on behalf of the pet. Girls believe that recognizing themselves in the description, a person will not be able to pass by, and will surely help the animal or take him to himself.

Teens Community: TeeNager startup (Project Type: SIFE)

TEENAGER - stylish, fashionable, youth! (Teenagers to teens)

Who is a teenager? This is a person who says goodbye to childhood and becomes an adult. And who is an adult? This is the one who consciously makes decisions and takes responsibility for his actions and for achieving goals! Therefore, a teenager needs answers to adult questions. This is our friend magazine, which “talks” with a teenager and helps solve some problems.

The magazine has such headings as:
  • TиStyle - Fasion new items;
  • LifeStyle - success stories;
  • TиСare - personal care;
  • TиTravel - travel;
  • tests;
  • аntistress coloring.

    «EcoHandUP» handmade souvenirs (Project Type: SIFE)

    The creative team "EcoHANDUP" presented a project for the production of environmentally friendly souvenirs made of clay and wool with the possibility of applying the logos of customer companies.

    The goal of the project is to learn from your own passion to make a profitable customer-oriented business. For a long time, the guys went through the team building process. In the end, they realized that working together brings more results.
    Under the leadership of the captain, Georgy Bagnyuk, the duties of the team are clearly distributed: Anastasia Stoyanova - responsible for the design and production of wool paintings; Zakhar Kostsov - is looking for customers, Bogdan Markov - is responsible for packaging.

    Each of the guys knows how important his contribution to the team is. Each of them is responsible for the overall result, which makes their cooperative work even more interesting, and the solid team.

    Art Dream Team: a site for art exhibitions (Project Type: SAGE)

    Starting work on the project Art Dream Team, we did not expect how deep and large-scale this project was. On the one hand, communication with creative people - artists, on the other hand, writing technical tasks for site creators.

    Our project is designed to create a virtual art site, for online exhibitions of Ukrainian artists.

    The aim of this project is to popularize beginning artists, to help in the implementation of works of famous artists and to fundraising for their needs.

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