пятница, 31 мая 2019 г.

The Ukrainian Entrepreneurship Championship for Children and Youth "STARTUP NATIONAL CUP CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" was held in Odessa on May 26, 2019.

Hundreds of young entrepreneurs from all over Ukraine gathered at the Championship to showcase their creative ideas, technological and intellectual achievements, and hundreds of well-known businessmen of Ukraine appeared on the jury and selected the best business and social projects of the year! 

This event attracted the attention of the whole society, because it is here that Ukraine’s new intellectual elite is brought up, which is able to independently think, generate innovative ideas, make difficult decisions and create welfare for society — create new enterprises, new jobs, pay wages for workers and taxes for the maintenance of the state apparatus of the country.

Everything in the state is created by entrepreneurship. The primary source of all income is the initiative of a person to make a new business, this is entrepreneurship, which creates a newly created product and an enterprise around it.

 It is entrepreneurship that is the source of future salaries and pensions. It is entrepreneurship that creates income that keeps all officials and budget workers (from the President and deputies, judges, prosecutors, military, doctors, teachers and cultural and sports workers).

Therefore, it is important to educate entrepreneurs and support educational initiatives on entrepreneurship. It is entrepreneurs who bring direct benefit to the whole society by developing it and raising the standard of living.

Therefore, it is not at all accidental that the educational programs of the International Educational Network MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS are supported by presidents, prime ministers, members of parliament in different countries of the world, this is a key direction for the development of the economy of any country

At MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS Business Schools around the world, a galaxy of new innovative entrepreneurs is being created that changes the world for the better every day!

All participants of the Championship were awarded with honorary diplomas and medals of participants, and the champions received Cups, champions medals and a cash prize of the Championship!


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