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06 февраля 2018

MiniBoss Business Incubator: Project management

Franchisees and teachers MiniBoss Business School International have completed training and received certificates. Eight branches from three countries. This is Lithuania, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The training course was called "MiniBoss Business Incubator: project management"!

Vilnius is the second city where a branch is opened. The first school started last year in Kaunas. 

Laura Narakaite - MiniBoss Business School Kaunas, Lithuania

Daurija Sabaliauskiene - MiniBoss Business School Kaunas, Lithuania

The new branch of the school in Burgas, Bulgaria - is also ready to receive children. The team is ready to share the best experience.

Irina Сheremoshkina - MiniBoss Business School Burgas, Bulgaria

A new branch is also opening in Kiev, Ukraine. According to the franchisee Elena Podtopta, acquaintance with the MiniBoss Business School system has turned over the outlook on education.

Elena Podtopta - MiniBoss Business School Kiev, Ukraine: "We are one big, global system, which is aimed at one result: to give a happy future and successful realization of the child's potential".

MiniBoss Business School - a unique educational system for children. The business school operates on a franchising system. You buy a ready business and get the best experience.

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