понедельник, 13 августа 2018 г.

Great news: MiniBoss Business School International is opened in 3 countries of Asia

"Hello Asia!"

- So the message of the founders of MiniBoss Business School International in Facebook begins.

And so begins a new chapter in the history of the international system of business education.

"This week we have launched MiniBoss Business School in 3 new countries Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia", - informs Olga Azarova.

Since September, also a new school will open in the Philippines.

"Let the children of the world be closer to each other, be involved in modern business education and grow in the environment of global leaders!", - the message says.

The Asian market has discovered amazing educational technologies, which enthusiastically begin to introduce. Innovations of business education MiniBoss are already working in the countries of Europe through the system of franchising.

MiniBoss Business School International

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